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More sizes, more alternatives: Helvetica Now

In spring 2019, font provider Monotype presented a revision of the Helvetica font called Helvetica Now, adapting the typography classic for the digital age. The new font comprises around 40,000 newly drawn glyphs with 48 weights and three optical sizes (micro, text and display). Another new feature is alternative characters such as round dots or a straight “leg” for the R. This creates more freedom and individualization options for the design.

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The classic Helvetica

The original font was developed by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann in 1957 and is still used today due to its classic and minimalist design. 1983 saw the first and for 36 years the last revision of the sans serif classic. With the arrival of new digital technologies, writing often reached its limits. With Helvetica Now, Monotype wants to dissolve these boundaries: “Helvetica Now solves all the legibility and style problems that brands have faced when using Helvetica,” says Type Director at Monotype Charles Nix.

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Pictures: https://www.monotype.com/de/fonts/helvetica-now

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