Sustainable in
Approach and Business

For over 25 years, we have been working for companies whose kick-off incentive is sustainability. Sustainable and green issues, especially organic farming, were and continue to be essential components of our work, from developing brands and packaging design to communication.

Against this background, sustainability has developed as one of our core competencies. We now work for a wide variety of brands and companies – across all sectors – and offer a comprehensive range of services in all areas of sustainability strategy and communication.

Not only do we advise, communicate and report – we also do. As an agency, we therefore set ourselves the highest standards when it comes to sustainability. More information on our own sustainability measures can be found here.

Eberle wins the german Sustainability Award 2024

As a “pioneer for the transformation towards a more sustainable future”, we were the first advertising agency ever to be honoured with the German Sustainability Award 2024 in the Advertising & PR category.

Nachhaltige Werbeagentur Nachhaltige Werbeagentur

Sustainability Strategies

We develop brand and sustainability strategies. Together with our clients, we map the basics of such strategies in workshops. On the one hand, this may mean sustainability topics are but one component of a larger conventional marketing strategy. On the other hand, a sustainability strategy may lead to the development of a sustainability campaign. The Eberle sustainability matrix below illustrates potential strategic approaches:


We support our clients together with a network of partners throughout the entire process or in individual steps – no matter where they are in the sustainability process.


Our services include
+ Strategic advice on sustainability processes
+ Carrying out materiality analyses
+ Support in competition and stakeholder analyses
+ Roadmapping: definition of goals, measures, KPIs
+ Sustainability aspects as a component of brand strategies
Nachhaltige Werbeagentur - Bienenstock Nachhaltige Werbeagentur - Bienenstock

Sustainability communication

Transparency and credibility are central elements of sustainability communication. Only those who communicate credibly strengthen their own brand. In addition, the time horizon plays a role, not only short-term measures, but above all continuous communication pays off and creates credibility. And last but not least, all communication should be based on a strong central idea.


4 Success factors of sustainability communication

1 authenticity
2 transparency
3 timeline
4 key idea

Based on your sustainability activities, we develop target group-specific messages and place them in the right channels to achieve a consistent and strong impact.

Our services include
+ Branding / communication concept / creative lead ideas
+ Communication strategies
+ Sustainability and CSR campaigns
+ Integration of sustainability into brand, product and internal corporate communications


City of Ravensburg - Testimonial campaign
City of Ravensburg - Testimonial campaign
Holle babyfood – Climate positive campaign
Holle babyfood – Climate positive campaign
Deutsche Post – Sustainability offensive
Deutsche Post Nachhaltigkeitsoffensive
Deutsche Post – Sustainability offensive
Alnatura – Sustainability Campaign
Alnatura – Sustainability Campaign
Weleda – CSR Campaign
Weleda – CSR Campaign

Sustainability reports

Sustainability reporting has several aspects. We turn an obligatory report according to a recognised standard into a communicative advertising medium – regardless of whether it is a first-time report or one with many years of experience in sustainability reporting.

Sustainability reporting in 4 steps

1 Basics
Goals, topics and reporting standards
2 Contents
Development of the report contents
3 Concept
Development of the creative concept
4 Implementation
Realization and production of the report

We accompany our clients through the entire process of creating a sustainability report – from the concept, to information and data collection, to copywriting and layout.

Our services include
+ Advice on reporting standards, CSRD
+ Report concept & main idea
+ Information gathering / data collection
+ Editing & copywriting
+ Creative concept
+ Layout & final artwork
+ Production & Print


Hipp – Sustainability communication
Hipp – Sustainability communication
McDonald's – Sustainability report
Cover des Berichts
McDonald's – Sustainability report
Alnatura – Sustainability Report
Alnatura – Sustainability Report
Loacker - Sustainability brochure
Loacker - Sustainability brochure

CO2 footprint

The logical extension of our strategy work in the field of sustainability is to accompany our clients in the implementation. Our network of partners enables expert advice on calculating one’s own carbon footprint and accompanying insetting projects to reduce one’s own emissions, as well as offsetting unavoidable emissions through UN-certified agricultural projects.

In this context, we already developed a CO2-neutral label in 2011 – and therefore a complete concept that can be used for the certification of individual advertising materials as well as for the entire company.

In the meantime, we have gone one step further and developed a climate-positive label. Its requirement is a sustainable orientation in the basic values, such as organic certification. In addition to overcompensation of at least 10% of the emissions generated, the label also requires a reduction of the company’s own emissions through insetting projects.

In addition to the use of the label, a comprehensive communication package is available, including image and information material on concrete, illustrative projects.



Below you will find a selection of client projects that have opted for CO2 compensation of individual product areas or advertising materials.
CO2 compensation of folding boxes

Since 2016, we have been compensating the emissions caused by the printing of the folding boxes through a climate protection project in cooperation with our client Davert.
CO2 compensation of milk formula

Holle’s milk formula has been certified “CO2 neutral” since 2013. Since 2022, the milk formula has even been climate-positive.
CO2 compensation of the sustainability report

The emissions generated by the printing of the sustainability report were compensated by a UN-certified climate protection project in South Africa.

CO2-neutral website

When you think of CO2 emissions, you think of cars, planes, ships, heating, clothing, furniture, etc. – but not the internet. Yet the internet in Germany causes as many emissions as the entire city of Berlin. That’s why we launched Here we offer companies the opportunity to calculate the emissions of their website free of charge – and to offset them directly, including a licence to use our climate-positive label on their own website.