Brand, Packaging and Communications Agency

Our service offers focus on the food sector, organic sector, FMCG, sustainability and the LOHAS target group. We start with market strategy models of “value-orientated marketing” and end in the autonomous unit of packaging design. The Communications department aligns print, digital and sales, as well as service departments such as illustration, the Viscom photo studio, in-house prepress and web design.

Brand Strategy

The correct strategy as the basis for success.
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Brand Identity

Decoding the brand strategy on a content and visual level.
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The most important communication surface for a brand.
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The communicative guiding principle conveys values and anchors the positioning of the product.
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The key instrument and essential element for each campaign.
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Trade Marketing

Communication and marketing at the exact location where the decision to purchase is made.
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Communication on Sustainability

The conduct and values of a company are becoming ever more relevant to the decision to purchase.
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Facts and Awards

Eberle Werbeagentur

Founded 1950

Member of the German Association of Advertising Agencies GWA

Top 50 owner-led agency in Germany 2018


Eberle Werbeagentur

Eberle Branddesign


VISCOM Fotografie

Financial year 2021/22

4.85 Million EUR

45 Employees

Emissions Eberle:
107 t CO2

Compensated emissions Eberle:
119 t CO2

Executive management

Bernd Eberle (CEO)

Jochen Eberle (GF)

Stefanie Benkelmann (GF)

Andreas Scharr (GL)

Katja Schmid (GL)

Nicole Schilling (GL)

Eberle Werbeagentur Category Focussed, Silver 2018
Neudorff Image Campaign Winner 2023 Eberle Website Winner 2020 Relaunch campaign for DuMont travel paperbacks Winner 2020 Davert brand image Winner 2018 Weleda shower gel Winner 2018 Weleda shower gel Winner 2017 Davert Brand Relaunch Winner 2016 Davert Brand Relaunch Special 2016
Relaunch campaign for DuMont’s pocket travel guides Nominee 2020 Weleda shower gel Winner 2018 Davert Brand Relaunch Special 2016 Sustainability report Holle baby food, Nominee 2016
Alnatura Origin Nominee 2012 Weißenhorner Nominee 2011 Alnatura Sélection Nominee 2010 Alnatura Sélection Nominee 2009
Relaunch Alnatura Origin Winner 2011 Alnatura Sélection Winner 2008
Gift-packaging for Weleda Winner 2010
Alnatura Sélection Winner 2009
Alnatura Sélection Winner 2008


Markets change rapidly, as do the instruments of digital transformation marketing and communication. Only long-term, crisp strategies lead to sustainable success, as does continuity. Success is hinged on true partnerships, the knowledge about brands and people, competence and most importantly, trust. More than half of our income is generated by clients with whom we’ve been working for more than a decade, some for more than two decades. Even our team sustains itself on continuity: Our fluctuation rate is 50 % below industry average, roughly 30 % of our colleagues have been with us for more than ten years.


Eberle has been CO₂-neutral since 2011 and climate-positive since 2021.
We have been offsetting our unavoidable emissions via composting and emissions reduction projects since 2011. This not only saves a lot of CO₂, but also creates a perspective in social hotspots.

With climate positivity, we go two steps further: first, we offset 10% more emissions than we cause. Second, we reduce additional emissions in the long term through insetting projects.


Our insetting projects and sustainability measures in 2021:

  • launch of our Climate Positive website portal
  • agency-owned photovoltaic system
  • electric charging stations for electric cars
  • new electric cars
  • additional building insulation
  • own beehive in the agency garden

In addition to the climate-positive website, we offer consulting with a focus on climate positivity, the appropriate climate strategies and a network to implement them meaningfully in communication – including a certified climate-positive label.


We use sustainable products
The green electricity for our agency comes 100% from hydropower in the Alpine region and is certified with the Ok-Power-Label. We offer organic beverages in our kitchen. We run our own agency beehive to protect honeybees and preserve regional biodiversity. And when we welcome customers, pretzels are brought to us by bike courier from a family-owned bakery in Gmünd.


We act in a socially sustainable way
For us, social sustainability means first and foremost dealing fairly with employees, suppliers and customers. Overtime should remain at a reasonable level, through flexible working hours and meanwhile 15 individually adapted working time models we cultivate the compatibility of family, job and leisure time and strengthen independent working. In addition, we support many social, cultural and environmental projects.


We are acting economically sustainable
Our agency is equity-financed. Our employees share in our success: The management team through company shares and the other employees through an annual bonus. We offer paid and GWA-certified internships and, as a matter of principle, do not participate in unpaid pitches.


Sustainability report according to DNK
In the interests of transparent reporting, we have voluntarily aligned ourselves with the criteria of the German Sustainability Code for the first time with our Sustainability Report 2020.


You can find the full report here.


We support
We are a member of associations and support initiatives that promote a sustainable, future-oriented and diverse economy and society.


Bernd Eberle Bernd Eberle Bernd Eberle Bernd Eberle
Bernd Eberle
Managing Director
Jochen Eberle Jochen Eberle Jochen Eberle Jochen Eberle
Jochen Eberle
Managing Director
Stefanie Benkelmann Stefanie Benkelmann Stefanie Benkelmann Stefanie Benkelmann
Stefanie Benkelmann
Managing Director
Andreas Scharr Andreas Scharr Andreas Scharr Andreas Scharr
Andreas Scharr
Executive Manager
Katja Schmid Katja Schmid Katja Schmid Katja Schmid
Katja Schmid
Executive Manager
Nicole Schilling Nicole Schilling Nicole Schilling Nicole Schilling
Nicole Schilling
Executive Manager
Frank Frank Frank Frank
Isabel Isabel Isabel Isabel
Marina Marina Marina Marina
Martin Martin Martin Martin
Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca
Brigitte Brigitte Brigitte Brigitte
Piero Piero Piero Piero
José José José José
Patrick Patrick Patrick Patrick
Manuela Manuela Manuela Manuela
Kathrin Kathrin Kathrin Kathrin
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Katherine Katherine Katherine Katherine
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Mathilde Mathilde Mathilde Mathilde
Daniela Daniela Daniela Daniela
Daniela Daniela Daniela Daniela



In 1950, Karl Eberle, grandfather of our current director Bernd Eberle registered himself as a “consumer graphic artist”. In addition to working with the U.S. occupying forces, he offered his artistic services to the growing post-war German economy.

Karl purchased the property at 115 Goethestraße, which was home to an old prefab house and brought on his son, Gerd Eberle. Gerd quickly turned the two-man office into a real business. In the 1970s, the agency already employed more than 20 staff and had it’s own photo studio and media department.

In addition to regional clients like Bifora (back then, Europe’s largest wristwatch factory), brands including Brandt Zwieback, Waldbauer, Libella, WMF, Steiff and many more brands from across Germany became clients. Throughout the years, the numerous implemented projects have both formed our agencies’ roots while simultaneously the roots of today’s successful brands.

historie_triptychon_2-crop-u63357 historie_triptychon_1-crop-u63367 Gerd1


Markets are changing at breakneck speed, and the digital transformation is also changing marketing and communications tools. Only long-term, clear strategies lead to sustainable success here. And speed requires continuity. It requires genuine partnerships, knowledge of brands and people, understanding and, above all, trust. We generate more than half of our income with clients we have been serving for more than ten years, in some cases for more than 20 years. Our team is also driven by continuity: our staff turnover rate is 50% below the industry average, and around 30% of our colleagues have been on board for more than ten years.