Brand agency,
communications agency,
Packaging agency.

We have consistently focused our range of services on the areas of food, organic, FMCG and sustainability – from the brand strategy model “value-oriented brand management” to packaging design as a separate unit. The Communications division combines print and digital, consumer and trade communications.

The basis of all success is the right strategy.

Methodically, we consistently follow our working model of “value-oriented brand management”. The basis for this is working on brand values as the basis for developing genuine added value: relevant for customers and differentiating from the competition. Because only positioning that is supported by the brand core will bring sustainable success.

Range of services Brand strategy

  • Analysis
    • Analysis of markets and competition
    • Brand strategy analysis
    • Brand presence
    • Trend analyses
  • Development of brand strategies
  • Development of communication strategies
  • Implementation and support of workshops
  • Development of recommendations for action, action plans and briefings

The content-related visual decoding of the brand strategy.

Whether launch or relaunch, whether characterized more by product design or a communicative central idea, the brand presence should be aligned with the respective target groups in the long term and be able to be correctly decoded by them. Brand presences must be recognizable, self-similar, concise and playable in all channels.

Range of services Brand presence

  • Launch and relaunch
  • Naming
  • Brand logo
  • Corporate Design
  • Styleguide

The most important communication surface of a brand.

The packaging is the face of the brand. All contents of the brand strategy must be transmitted through the packaging in a fraction of a second and decoded by the target group. And that on an area just a few centimeters in size. This special discipline requires special qualities, which is why the packaging design area is a separate department with specialists.

Range of services Packaging


  • Branding
  • Naming
  • Brand world
  • Design


  • Artwork creation
  • Composing and illustration by in-house specialists
  • Master creation and style guide
  • Photo production in the Viscom in-house studio

Prepress and production

  • Final artwork
  • Prepress offset and flexo
  • Production Purchasing
  • Support for production processes

The communicative guiding principle conveys values and anchors the positioning.

The basis of every successful communication is a strong central idea that creates attention, conveys values and positioning, arouses emotions and can be realized on all channels in a way that is appropriate for the media and target group.

Range of communication services

  • Development of creative key ideas and communication platforms
  • Communication and media strategies
  • Adaptation and implementation for print, moving image and digital
  • Social media and digital campaigns
  • Trade marketing: concept and implementation

The key instrument and essential element of every campaign.

Digital is not a separate service area, but an integral part of every campaign. The art lies not only in creating the individual instruments, but also in networking and orchestrating them to maximize their impact.

Digital range of services

  • Strategic consulting and communication planning
  • Web design
  • Development and support of communication platforms
  • Content marketing
  • Social media campaigns
  • Conception and implementation of moving image formats
  • Newsletter campaigns
  • Display campaigns

Communication and marketing exactly where the purchase decision is made.

70% of purchasing decisions are made directly at the shelf. Alongside packaging, trade marketing is a key factor in the success of a product. It’s about awareness and information transfer, retail concepts, logistics, handling and much more.

Range of trade marketing services

  • Assortment concepts and presentations for in-store sales
  • Buy-in promotions
  • Sales campaigns and promotions
  • Special placement and communication displays and advertising media

The behavior and values of a company are becoming increasingly relevant for purchasing decisions.

Sustainability communication is multi-layered. Whether sustainability is one of the core values of a brand, is intended to be added value or will only play a role in the future, it must have different tonalities depending on the background of the brand and the company in order to be credible.

Range of sustainability communication services

  • Strategic consulting for sustainability processes
  • Sustainability campaigns
  • CSR campaigns
  • Sustainability reports
  • Integration of sustainability in brand and product communication
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International agency cooperation

Customer needs and markets are becoming increasingly complex – with this in mind, we have established a value-based partnership with the renowned agency Gauger+Associates in San Francisco. Gauger+Associates

Eberle in figures

1950 Founding year
4.6 million € Gross income
FY 22/23
45 Employees
107 t CO₂ emissions caused
119 t CO₂ compensated emissions

Sustainability at Eberle

We as an agency also pursue our own sustainability strategy, which covers all dimensions: We act in an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable manner.


Eberle has been CO₂-neutral since 2011 and climate-positive since 2021

We follow the following guideline for the climate-conscious handling of our emissions: balance – reduce – compensate. Since 2011, Eberle has been trading
neutral, and climate-positive since 2021. This means we are going two steps further: firstly, we are offsetting 10% more emissions than we cause. Secondly, we reduce emissions in the long term through insetting projects. Our guideline in detail:

We have an annual corporate GHG balance sheet drawn up in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard. This protocol is divided into so-called scopes to ensure the comparability of certain values. Scope 1, 2 and parts of Scope 3 are relevant for our company.

We use insetting projects to reduce emissions in the long term along our own value chain and within our sphere of influence.

We offset our unavoidable emissions with projects that are certified with both the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the CCB standard (Gold Level).


Our insetting projects and sustainability measures:

CO2 calculator for websites:
Agency's own
Photovoltaic system
Charging stations
for e-cars
Building insulation
Bee projects
in the agency garden

Eberle wins the German Sustainability Award 2024

As a “pioneer for the transformation towards a more sustainable future”, we were the first advertising agency ever to be awarded the German Sustainability Award 2024 in the Advertising & PR category.

We use
sustainable products

The green electricity for our agency comes 100% from hydropower from the Alpine region or comes from the agency roof. We offer organic drinks in our kitchen. And when we receive customers, the pretzels are brought to us by bicycle courier from a family-run bakery in Gmünd.

We act
Socially sustainable

For us, social sustainability primarily means treating employees, suppliers and customers fairly. Overtime should remain at a reasonable level, and we use flexible working hours and now 15 individually adapted working time models to promote the compatibility of family, career and leisure time and strengthen independent working. We also support many social, cultural and environmental projects.

We act
Economically sustainable

Our agency is equity-financed. The employees share in the success: The management team through company shares and the other employees through an annual bonus. We offer paid and GWA-certified internships and do not take part in unpaid pitches as a matter of principle.

Sustainability report
according to DNK

In the interests of transparent reporting, we have voluntarily based our 2020 Sustainability Report on the criteria of the German Sustainability Code for the first time.

You can find the full 2022 report here.

We support

We have signed the Diversity Charter because we are committed to an appreciative and unprejudiced working environment.

The German Sustainable Economy Association is an ecologically oriented business association that is committed to a sustainable, climate-friendly economy.

The Alliance for Development and Climate Foundation pursues the goal of linking development cooperation and international climate protection through the instrument of voluntary offsetting of greenhouse gases.


Our roots

In 1950, Karl Eberle, grandfather of the current managing directors, registered his business as a “commercial graphic artist” in order to offer graphics and advertising for the resurgent economy in post-war Germany alongside his artistic work for the American occupying forces.

He acquired the property at Goethestrasse 115, where an old prefabricated house stood at the time, and brought his son Gerd Eberle into the company. He then quickly began to develop the 2-man graphic design office into a real company. In the 1970s, the agency already had more than 20 employees, its own photo studio and its own media department.

In addition to regional customers, such as Bifora – Europe’s largest wristwatch factory at the time – branded companies from all over Germany, including Brandt Zwieback, Waldbauer, Libella, WMF, Steiff and many more, were soon among the clients. Over the years, many works have been created that form the roots of both our current agency and the still successful brands.

Karl Eberle
The agency building 1950
Gerd Eberle