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from Martin

The Greta Thunberg house font: Greta Grotesk

Skolstrejk för Klimatet – this message from climate protection activist Greta Thunberg and initiator of Fridays for Future went around the world. The self-painted poster with thick, childish capital letters emphasizes their protest movement.


The New York design agency Uno has now developed a font from Greta Thunberg’s poster lettering. Naturally, the font consists exclusively of capital letters. After all, the protest would not be loud enough with small letters. The formal language is straightforward, the line is thick and the individual letters are never quite perfect. But perhaps that is precisely why they are so haunting.


The Fridays for Future movement can now literally bear the signature of its initiator and carry its messages into the world in the appropriate letters.

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Michael Campanella/Getty Images

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