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Eberle launches the platform www.klimapositiv.world

CO2-neutral is good – climate-positive is much better. Because in order to achieve the 1.5 degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement, we need to do much more in terms of climate protection. With the launch of the www.klimapositiv.world platform, we want to set an example and offer our customers and other companies the opportunity to make a contribution to climate protection – starting with their own website.

The platform www.klimapositiv.world offers aCO2 calculator that calculates the emissions of your own website. In addition, the emissions can be offset through us and the license to use the “climate-positive website” label can be purchased.

As an agency, we have been climate-positive ourselves since 2020 and develop strategies and concepts for climate neutrality and climate positivity for companies beyond the platform.

Click here for the platform:

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