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Camera, cake and action

Following our successful brand relaunch for the traditional manufacturer of baking aids KAISER, we are now putting the joy of baking on film. As part of the market launch of the new baking tins in the highest quality level La Forme Plus, we designed a moving image baking experience. In this way, the KAISER brand shows itself from its best side, whether at the point of sale, at trade fairs or online.
The result is an atmospheric film that shows three of the new La Forme Plus baking tins, each in a different seasonal application. We let the audience experience the creation of cakes and tarts in the visual language we have developed.


We created three cake creations in front of the camera and presented the product advantages of the new KAISER molds. The KAISER SafeClick closure system shines in the leading role, supported by attractively presented culinary ingredients.
The end product is impressive:


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