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from Jasmine

These colors set the tone this year.

The year 2020 brought many changes and special features for all of us. True to this motto, the Pantone Color Institute is also starting the new year 2021. Because one becomes two this time: while only one Pantone color has ever made it to the top in previous years, this year two have been chosen as the 2021 trend colors.


Ultimate Gray and Illuminating

The two colors could not be more contrasting. But as we all know, differences attract. In graphic design, colors only really come into their own when strong contrasts work together. And the Illuminating and Ultimate Gray shades do just that! As a team, the two colors metaphorically provide strength and hope and combine solidity with positivity.1 The harsh cold-warm contrast has been dormant in us since the beginning of time. While we associate the color grey with cold and hardness, we associate yellow with warmth and sunshine. Isaac Newton adopted this principle early on and created the first color wheel, thus creating the basis for every designer to find colors. This is where cool and warm colors meet, allowing you to create color combinations that complement each other. In this case, a successful color combination that symbolically reflects the mood of the current situation and positively surprises everyone. It’s all in the mix!

Click here for the Pantone color 2022.

1: https://www.pantone.com/eu/de/color-of-the-year-2021

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