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Beyond Meat test: hot stuff or just hot air?

Celebrity investors (including Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio), equally well-known supporters on Instagram (Snoop Dog!) and an IPO that exceeded all expectations: Beyond Meat – set out with nothing less than to change the way the world consumes protein (i.e. meat). The food chemists spent seven years developing a vegan burger that would come as close as possible to meat in terms of texture, appearance and taste. The Beyond Burger is mainly based on pea protein and does not contain any soy. Meat juice is produced with the help of coconut oil and the pink coloring is achieved with beet juice.

Beyond Burger Test Beyond Burger Test

On May 29, the time had finally come in Germany. Lidl is the first German supermarket to have what is probably the most Egyptian burger in its range. Well, in the promotional range and that was sold out pretty quickly (but that can still happen).
Luckily I was there first thing in the morning and got my ration from the freezer. The participants for the Beyond Meat test: Alex (classic flexitarian, rarely eats meat, and when he does it should be high-quality, also likes good burgers in principle) and me (vegetarian for over 20 years and increasingly trying to cook vegan).

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The burgers come frozen and are defrosted before further processing. The patties, which are still raw, look and feel just like minced meat patties. In the grill pan, they behave just like their animal counterparts: fat and juices are released and the surface takes on a beautiful color.
We prepare our burgers according to a recipe on the Beyond Meat website with lettuce, tomato and guacamole in a bun. Then the first bite. The texture is exactly the same as minced meat. Inside, the burger is still slightly pink and nice and juicy. And the taste? Light smoky flavor with umami – really delicious. We both think so.

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Not exactly cheap at 4.99 for two patties, but the texture and taste are absolutely convincing. Approved! The Beyond Burger is sure to end up on our plates again. I find it particularly exciting that Beyond Meat is by no means only focusing on the growing number of vegetarians and vegans. It actually offers an alternative to meat eaters in particular who do not want to give up meat, but who have been plagued by remorse about meat consumption since the climate protests at the latest.

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Beyond Burger bought at Lidl

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