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Defying price competition:
Alnatura permanent price campaign

Inflation is at record levels, everything is becoming more expensive. Rising prices naturally have an impact on people’s consumer behavior – and this also affects the organic sector. When money becomes tighter, conventional milk may end up in the shopping cart more often than organic milk. In any case, price competition is intense and there are many complaints about loss of sales in the organic sector.

Alnatura reacted quickly: Together we developed a campaign for permanent prices in the Alnatura Super Natur stores. Instead of relying on short-term price reductions as part of special offers, customers can rely on permanently low prices. “Save on price, not quality” is the motto and promise of the campaign, which was implemented in theme-oriented visuals.

The permanent price model also has a sustainable facet: purchasing can be much more demand-oriented and considered if the hunt for low promotional prices does not determine purchasing. A model with a future that also increases the brand’s appeal by emphasizing value for money!

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