Sustainability doesn’t stop there:
Thinking ahead is HiPP’s motto

With ‘thinking ahead’ as its guiding principle, HiPP’s Sustainability Report 2020 follows on from the motto of the previous ‘organic thought further’ campaign. We have developed our own design element for the report based on ‘thinking ahead’: an information box reporting on specific projects and measures in the areas of ecology, economy and social issues.


The butterfly as a recurring illustrative element adorns both the info boxes and each new chapter of the report. Why a butterfly? There is a special story behind the green butterfly: the Munich State Zoological Collection named the butterfly after Claus Hipp in recognition of his commitment to species conservation. The botanical name of the butterfly is officially: “Rohdochlora claushippi”.

The emotional and generous photos underline how much HiPP takes the issue of sustainability to heart. Lovely charts and graphics enrich the imagery and vividly illustrate the facts, figures and data.


As one of the leading manufacturers of baby food, HiPP has always considered itself responsible for the environment and society. To this end, the company relies on organic farming, but goes much further for a future worth living. All its sites are already climate-neutral. The ambitious climate strategy for the period up to 2025 is to be climate-positive instead of ‘merely’ climate-neutral.


HiPP introduced EMAS, short for Ecos-Management and Audit Scheme, at one of its sites back in 1995. Today, all sites are EMAS-certified. EMAS is the world’s most demanding environmental management system, under which companies disclose all environmental aspects, from energy consumption to waste and emissions generated, and set clear targets for improvement. These data and targets are recorded in an environmental statement and verified by an external auditor. We have designed these environmental statements for the five HiPP sites in Germany, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, some of them in several languages.

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