Prima Alnatura Prima Alnatura

Alnatura quality at a low price:
Prima! Alnatura

Organic food no longer ends up in the shopping trolley quite so often, after all “organic” is often equated with “expensive”. The organic sector is certainly struggling with the reluctance to buy due to inflation. Alnatura is responding to customers’ new price sensitivity with the launch of a new brand: Prima! Alnatura stands for a basic organic range at a low price.

Alnatura has always been associated with top organic quality and favourable prices. Products for everyday needs such as pasta, oatmeal and flour are now available at even lower prices under the Prima! Alnatura brand. “Bio Preis Wert” is integrated into the layout as an eye-catching disruptive element. Despite the favourable prices, the products naturally meet the Alnatura quality standards – they are “naturally valuable for people and the planet”, a claim that is also an integral part of the pack design and is deliberately written with a hyphen: Value-full.

Overall, the brand identity we developed is convincing with its minimalist design and a striking logo with recognition value. The 40 or so products that we designed as part of the launch form a visual unit that is supported above all by the uniform colour concept. The entry-level price segment often has a rather “simple” design. What was important in connection with Prima! Alnatura, it was important for the design to signal “entry-level price” on the one hand, but at the same time do justice to the high quality of the content, as these are organic quality products.

The campaign to launch the brand includes digital and print as well as PoS measures to draw customers’ attention to Prima! Alnatura through various channels.

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