A Stringent Market Image for Alnatura

The Alnatura “mein Bio!” (my organic!) bag – a strong advertising medium and an effective key visual. It is part of the corporate design we developed, which influences Alnatura’s image externally and in markets.


Since 1995, we have accompanied Alnatura’s expansion from two stores back then to 140 stores today, as well as on over 1,000 Alnatura branded products, which can be found in all Alnatura Super Natura stores and via many other sales channels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Our comprehensive brand treatment includes the design of Alnatura packaging, as well as communication measures for the Alnatura Super Natur stores.


For existing markets and the continuous new store openings, we design image motifs, brochures, leaflets, postcards, store decorations and much more – always with the aim of creating a stringent brand image.


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