Bad Reichenhaller
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The new salt for those who eat less meat

You can probably find it in every kitchen cupboard: Bad Reichenhaller salt in the iconic 500g package. After more than 20 years, Germany’s best-known salt brand is expanding its popular Alpine Salt range – and we comprehensively accompanied this product launch from packaging design to trade communication to the public campaign.

“No meat more often?” The central headline on the large surfaces quickly makes it clear who the new product is aimed at: To everyone who only eats meat now and then or who eats a vegetarian or vegan diet. The message: “Simply provide yourself with iodine & selenium” puts the product benefit in the foreground and cleverly touches on the big trend topic involved – flexitarian or vegan, vegetarian nutrition and at the same time advises to pay attention to the optimal supply with the important trace elements iodine and selenium. And it is quite simple to do so by using the right salt.

The key visual also impresses with simplicity: a clear headline, striking typography, strong colours and the staging of the product as a hero. A tasty dish, deliciously realised by our in-house photo studio VISCOM, creates an appetite.


In addition to classic print products, a commercial was also produced for the product launch, which we first developed in terms of content and finally realised with Stereo Films and Effectiv teams.

Impressive effects for the salt were created with a high-speed camera and with the macro shots the simple kitchen scenes were transformed into a cinematically charming and sophisticated little story.

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