Celebrating with the cooking expert: Communication concept for the anniversary of Silit

Silit has been producing high-quality cookware “Made in Germany” since 1920. In the company’s 100-year history, innovations such as the Sicomatic® pressure cooker or the functional ceramic Silargan® have been invented which revolutionised cooking. For the 100th anniversary, we developed an eye-catching communication concept that can be flexibly applied to a wide range of measures.


For the Silit 100-year anniversary key visual, we break with the accurately arranged ingredients above the cookware and let them fall dynamically into the pot – fitting the festive occasion.
For the catalogue, we designed several introductory double pages, which loosen up the content with background information and matching graphics for the respective product divisions. We also designed accompanying trade advertisements, which show further product innovations and pick up the look of the key visual.


In order to show the long tradition of Silit, we developed several videos, which show for example the history of Silit pots in the last 100 years. For the trade, we designed various PoS materials, such as modular shop presentations or shop window displays, which round off the anniversary campaign.

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