Trade Marketing

70 % of decisions to purchase take place at the PoS. We develop strong concepts for Trade Marketing, like Sell-off deals, promotional deals, and sell-in deals. With matching communication displays and adequate advertising material we draw attention to them.

Weleda – Nature Wisdom Food Supplements
Silit – 100 years anniversary campaign
Weleda – Christmas Campaign 2019
WMF – Display for Fusiontec cookware
Weleda – Packaging Natural Cosmetics
Weleda – Trade Marketing for Skin Food
Weleda – Campaign Sun Care
Weleda – PoS Campaign Eye Drops
Weleda – Campaign "Dusche mit besten Zutaten"
Weleda – Influenza Campaign 2017
Weleda – Ointments Spring Campaign
Weleda – Campaign Kids’ Shower Gel
Davert – New Brand Identity
Weleda – OoH Campaign